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YahoBuilder: Yet Another Homepage Builder


Inspired by Zope yahobuilder takes the idea of defining variables at different levels and substituting the closest one to offline html preparaion. Yahobuilder includes also a simple upload tool to a ftp server.


Yahobuilder takes the idea to define variables in different levels (implemented in the directory structure of the source pages) from Zope and substitute them into the actual pages. To setup a a site using yahobuilder you write basically simple html in which you can insert the

<dtml-var variable_name/>

tag which yahobuilder substitutes with the content of the variable. There are three ways to define variables:

Even the concept of yahobuilder is quite simple it is rather helpful in achieving a consistant site layout without huge effort. And you need not to use a complicated html editor. Please see the available example if you are interested in yahobuilder.

By using the proper arguments yahobuilder can be also used to upload your offline prepared html to a ftp server.


You can download YaHoBuilder and the example here. Yahobuilder has a more detailed documentation include, you can see it using perldoc yahobuilder.pl.


Download the yahobuilder.pl and if you like the example. Then call perldoc yahobuilder.pl. Use your favourite editor, open yahobuilder.pl and change the variables mention in the documentation to the approbriate values. It should work than.

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